The Project

Walk Swale Medway began with a continuous walk of nearly 3 weeks through Swale and Medway starting on 22 June, 2014. Using a mobile phone, I took pictures as I walked and posted them to Instagram using #walkSwaleMedway. Links were shared on Twitter.

As part of the original Walk Swale Medway three week walk, I relied on the kindness and hospitality of my neighbours in Swale and Medway. I took a few photos, heard stories and shared them here on Walk Swale Medway. Sometimes a friend recommended someone who could help.

The website includes a selection of writing and photographs featuring the places seen, the people met, and the stories heard along the way.

Walk Swale Medway continues to be an open ended invitation to take notice of and share where we live, connect with and contribute to our community

Get involved with Walk Swale Medway:


Use your mobile phone (a tablet or camera is ok, too) to post a photo to Instagram or Twitter. Whether it’s a routine short walk to work or the shops, the school run or spending time with friends or visiting and passing through – whatever the distance or reason, if you’re walking in Swale and Medway today, use #walkSwaleMedway


Along with your photo, you might want to share a story about a place, an event, or someone you know. Please ask permission to share pictures of people, and explain that the pictures will be publicly available on social media. Use #walkSwaleMedway.


Walk a little further than you normally would, or take a different route – see what you can find! There will be some challenges set here as I go, too! Set up your own challenge with a friend or family member. If you do, please use #walkSwaleMedway

Tell me about your WALKS:

Do you already have a favourite walk in Swale and Medway? Please get in touch, or share them using #walkSwaleMedway. It would be great to hear about why places are special near you.

Get in touch

Get in touch using Instagram, Twitter, or the contact here in the website.

Help celebrate and explore Swale and Medway and get involved with Walk Swale Medway!